Kreatura 2019 awards: Taste of the Carefree

Our campaign for a confectionary brand Dan Cake earned an honorary mention in the Digital Integrated Campaign category.

The year 2019 was marked by the Taste of the Carefree, the overarching claim for promotional activities for Dan Cake, a leading brand in the bakery and confectionery industry.

The key to success is building a strong communication strategy and its consistent execution. Following clearly defined goals, we designed the campaign “The Taste of the Carefree with Dan Cake” rooted in the brand’s past digital communication activities.

Seven advertising spots were published on a dedicated communication platform (, featuring the Digital Confectioner – the host of a fairy-tale, interactive Carefree Confectionery. His guests were expressive, archetypal characters, e.g., Mrs. Always Late, Very Busy Businessman or Mother of Maverick Triplets. They were presented in a funny, over-the-top way, but their key characteristics encouraged the audience to associate with them.

Special live confectionery events organized live in Krakow, Warsaw and Wrocław were also recorded. The communication was built on a persona of a Dane, Stan Carefree – who was to deliver products for events held in highly exaggerated Polish realities.

The campaign was supported by social media communication, consumer engagement, a billboard campaign, as well as internal activities and B2B communication. Our videos had over 7 million views, reaching a target audience of over 3.5 million people. On the other hand, the client recorded a 15% increase in sales.

Our integrated campaign on a single, consistent communication platform has proven that even in such a difficult and less known category as bakery and confectionery products the campaign goals can be not only achieved, but also significantly exceeded, comments Radek Grzybowski, Strategy & Creative Director of 19 Południk.


See below for a case study of the project:

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