19 Południk sidekicks with Guardian Angels

Non-profit fundraising campaign for the Guardian Angels House has kicked off. We help design a better future for street kids!

The campaign of the Association for Children and Youth Support “Guardian Angels House” (Dom Aniołów Stróżów) raises funds for socially excluded children. The goal is to improve their chances of having a happy childhood and provide them with a better start into adulthood.

The strategy, the script of the spot and the creative concept of the campaign were devised by the 19 Południk agency. “The plot walks you through the everyday life of a boy who struggles not only with the financial problems of his family, but also with numerous dangers lurking in the street. In most situations, he is saved from oppression by an invisible guardian angel. In the last case, however, the angel is unable to help due to financial problems. This is how we wanted to touch the hearts of potential benefactors of the Guardian Angels House and its charges, says Maciej Bojda, Senior Creative at 19 Południk.

The F25 production house was responsible for the spot, directed by: Łukasz Zabłocki, operator: Jacek Podgórski, set design: Zuza Słomińska. Music by Hania Rani. The 360° campaign included TV, radio, press, online presence, as well as OOH visibility.


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