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Strategic and creative services for the new real estate investment in Katowice.


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Our task was to create a communication platform for a new location in the center of Katowice. A place steeped in culture, which is also a symbol of the region’s transformation.

Long-term creative work for the most prestigious residential investment in Katowice is not only a challenge. It is a commitment to the place with which we are associated.

Naming of the investment

The First District is a reference to the history of the region, the district of Bogucice, a former 13th-century village, which later became a district of Katowice. It also strengthens the role of the new place as a city-forming element, returning this part of the city to its inhabitants.

The starting point: constructivism

The basic distinguishing feature of constructivism in relation to other avant-garde movements was the use of formal discipline limited to simple geometric elements: a circle, a triangle, and a straight line. Constructivists believed that art is not about decorating, but about identifying the purpose of space and objects adequate to the need.

The communication platform: The Art of Life

It is about creating the best living conditions in a nationally unique art-related space located by the Culture Zone in Katowice.

Platform executions

The executive extension of the creative platform was the wording, to communicate a specific benefit of the investment in the slogan.

Sales support materials

An important element of the branding process was the design and production of commercial and in-house materials: premium catalogs, property particulars, business cards, and other materials.

The website

The website we created builds the image of  a new brand and serves as a sales tool. We focused not only on the information part, but also on the general idea of the project and the profile of the architect and investor.


We Make Climate

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