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A corporate social responsibility strategy project for the Dan Cake brand, focusing the company’s efforts on environmental activities, the needs of the employees, and building rapport with the local environment.

We based the key message on a slogan that can be understood in a number of ways, thus clearly addressing all project stakeholders:

  • We Make Climate by creating a workplace with an atmosphere conducive to building good relationships.
  • We Make Climate, taking into account the needs of local communities.
  • We Make Climate by caring for the natural environment.

We believe that changes for the better of the local and natural environment and ourselves, start with people. We want to support them in creating a carefree atmosphere, to improve the quality of life for all of us.

There are no CSR projects without people, and that’s why a number of activities supporting local communities were planned. Their purpose is to create a carefree atmosphere and arrange interesting leisure activity opportunities, especially in the difficult time of the pandemic. Launching city field games or supporting local institutions and organizations allows building good relations with the company’s local community.

Equally important are activities promoting sports and  healthy active lifestyles among children, adolescents, and also company employees. Organizing family biking rallies or company sport challenges, as well as supporting local sports clubs, allows for consolidating valuable attitudes in the community.

One of the goals of the project is also to increase natural biodiversity and to attract attention to ecological challenges. The problem of bee extinction or climate change is emphasized in an active way as the project involves taking preventive measures in this area.

The internet platform we created has become the main communication tool on the project and its activities. We are also responsible for public relations and social media services.

Communication within the platform

The platform presents Dan Cake’s CSR activities: an urban apiary, a flower meadow, a biking challenge for employees or support for local sports teams.

We Make Climate Online

The website is also a unique, interactive space where residents can submit their ideas for ecological or life-improving initiatives and receive financial grants for their implementation.


“Dan Cake Robimy Klimat”(“Dan Cake We Make Climate”) is a forward-looking CSR project with potential integration with the company’s sustainable development strategy. It has been created with a systematically increasing number of activities, which can be engaged in by various groups.


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