Kaufland - Hence It’s So Good


The Blue Route by LOTOS

A new brand for the LOTOS Group's electromobility development project.




Transport, Technology


Strategy, Branding, Website, Social Media, Event

Our task was to develop a brand strategy, name, visual identification and execution for the electromobility implementation and development project of the LOTOS brand.

The LOTOS Blue Route electromobility development project is to ensure mobility to all current and future electric car drivers where they are needed today, i.e. on the main intercity routes.


The opening event and press conference

The launch of the project is not only about online communication and ATL media, but also about organizing the opening event and press conference featuring the representatives of the ministry, the management board of the LOTOS Group, famous sportsmen and journalists.

Consistent branding in many channels

From branding on charging stations and electric cars, to promotional materials, we ensure brand consistency at every touchpoint. As a result, the brand has become one of Poland’s most outstanding players in electromobility.

The website and Facebook have become the basic communication tools. Involving the community of electric car drivers ensured rapid and effective awareness of the project.


Kaufland - Hence It’s So Good

A new own brand of regional products for Kaufland Polska.

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