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Kaufland - Hence It’s So Good

A new own brand of regional products for Kaufland Polska.


Kaufland Polskie Markety




Naming, Branding, Packaging

Our task was to develop our own brand concept for the Kaufland chain. The focus was the Polish origin of the products. While working on the name, we answered a simple question: where do good things come from?

The answer was obvious. From farms in Podlasie, Mazury and Wielkopolska regions. From our farmers, breeders and fruit growers. From commitment, passion and hard work. This is why the products in Kaufland are so good!

Own label name

Stąd Takie Dobre (Hence It’s So Good) is a unique trade name. It is also the starting point for the communication platform built around it, combining the perspectives of the Kaufland chain as a place for quality shopping and quality private label products.

The inspiration

Packaging of the line “K – Stąd Takie Dobre!” is characterized by rich colors of the leading  graphic design, based on popular folk motifs. We paid special attention to balancing the proportions between them and the modern aesthetics.

Over 230 products on the shelves come with a consistent packaging pattern inspired by a folk graphic motif.

The variety

A wide portfolio of products using universal elements that can be adapted to various types of packaging, regardless of their shape or material. Apart from the use of a pattern referring to the regional character of products, the types of product groups are distinguished by appropriate color codes.

Photo sessions

We have completed over 80 prearranged photo sessions of frozen products, cheeses, cold cuts, sweets, cakes, pasta, and groats.


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