The Green Bazaar

The brand identity of a unique place in Katowice.


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Zielony Bazar (The Green Bazaar) is a unique place in Katowice, where customers can buy products directly from farmers – without intermediaries. Our task was to design the brand identity – from visual identity to a multi-channel campaign on the local market promoting Zielony Bazar’s (the Green Bazaar) opening and its offers.

The key visual was built on a combination of two typefaces. Using the Rialto typeface, we wanted to relate to Katowice being the Polish capital of neon lights – as it was in the times of the People’s Republic of Poland. Since 2010, over 100 reconstructed neon signs have appeared on the streets of Katowice. From the beginning of the design phase, our goal was to incorporate the Zielony Bazar into this process.

Another important factor in choosing the Rialto cut was that it was designed by a Polish designer – Zuzanna Rogaty. The complementary font is Space Grotesk.

The very selection of typography and the combination of these two typefaces were also the starting point for the development of the system of icons which was used for ex. in wayfinding – it was a combination of a handwriting style and simple, legible forms.

We designed the campaign based on a simple message which combined affordability and direct sales – from the farmer – to the customer.

Opening campaign

We have prepared promotional materials for the opening of Zielony Bazar (the Green Bazaar) – from leaflets and invitations, through coordination of PR activities, creations in social media, to radio advertising.

The Internet – communication in social media and the website – has become the center of activities around the brand from the very beginning.

Part of the activities was focused on directing the user to the landing page. In addition to the clock counting down the time to opening, the website also contains information about current promotions, products or the founder of Zielony Bazar’s (Green Bazaar) family history.

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New brand identification and website for a global machine learning application.

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