We have created a Progressive Web App for the Dan Cake brand

PWA, or Progressive Web App, is an application that runs like a regular website, but works and looks like a native mobile application. Thanks to the app the key messages, such as seasonal promotional campaigns, new products in the offer or launched consumer activations, will reach business customers faster. They will be posted both in the application itself, as well as reach recipients in the form of push notifications directly to their smartphones.

The tool makes it possible to personalize information intended for various groups of recipients. It enables the manufacturer to save time, and it significantly improves the entire process of communication with the customer  (eg. commercial networks). This definitely facilitates meeting customers’ expectations and fulfills their needs efficiently.

Launching the PWA application is a response to the current global situation. The pandemic has turned trade talks upside down. We always try to be one step ahead and use the available technological solutions. The digital tool, which is PWA, takes our communication with customers to a higher, even better level and allows us to reach our recipients quickly, effectively and in real time – says Wiktor Kowalski, Brand Manager Dan Cake Polonia.

PWA technology does not require any special software or hardware – all you need is a smartphone or a computer. Customers can access the application directly from the search engine or from an icon on the desktop, and they will not have to remember about updates – as is the case with traditional applications. It is worth emphasizing that the content posted in it will also be available to recipients offline.

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