Waunt by Oriflame

A series of events along with an artistic installation design introducing the brand to the market.


Oriflame Polska





We based the launch of Waunt by Oriflame products on building the experience between young consumers and the brand. As a tool to achieve it, we used ambient installations placed in the largest cities in Poland, which permeated the online and offline world.

“Our main goal was to design an experience that would allow consumers to get to know the world of the brand better. We have created a concept for an art installation, which allows the visitors entering it to become part of it. The installation consists of three main themes. Collages combined with the brand’s graphic leitmotif, mirror elements, and shapes made of transparent Plexiglass. ”

Paweł Mikołajec – head of design

When it comes to communication, we opted for Art branding. We invited an artist, one of the most important Polish designers – Beata Śliwińska Barrakuz, to join the project. Her goal was to create a complete and visually coherent artistic installation. She developed Key Visual, the final composition of the installation, posters and prints for sweatshirts.

I took packaging design, characteristic patterns, foam structures and organic shapes – blobs, which, combined with the WAUNT color palette, helped me design a graphic system and a fairy-tale spatial installation. The project itself is energizing and fun, a clear message, modernity and a new approach to collage.




Educational campaign aimed at teenagers on their health and intimate infections.

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