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Due to the company's development, we have created a new TDJ Estate brand strategy.


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TDJ Estate is part of the TDJ group – a family company that builds long-term value by investing in the following areas: Equity, Venture, Estate, Finance and Foundation. Through its development activities, it changes the landscape of Silesia by creating iconic investments such as the .KTW office building or the First District on one hand, and creating residential spaces, such as Osiedle Franciszkańskie, Bardowskiego 1 or Zielona Dolina, on the other.

TDJ Estate, as a very dynamically developing company, faced the challenge of expansion into the Polish nationwide market. A brand known on the local market had to face low brand and portfolio awareness in other regions of the country.

Our task, together with the client’s team, was to create a new strategy for the TDJ Estate brand. We have created a new brand identity, starting from offering values addressed to individual clients, investors, company employees and local governments.

While working on the new strategy, one of the basic assumptions was to co-create values around the brand. We built the process on strategic sprints and workshops that involved all departments within the company – from marketing, through sales, to the Management Board.

The several weeks lasting project resulted in a new TDJ Estate strategy being created. It has been embedded in the brand’s promise: We create spaces that positively affect the quality of people’s lives – at every step. It has been condensed to the slogan: We Are The Spacemakers.

Translating the essence of the brand contained in the slogan was challenging from the design perspective because its visual representation should be closely related to the message behind it – in a way that is understandable to the recipient. On the other hand, the project must be adaptable – from printed materials to digital media.

That is why the slogan took on the form of a minimalist typographic matrix that changes its volume, layout and form depending on the medium in which it is used. It made it possible to easily translate the strategy into its execution – because the logotype itself creates a space around it.

As a result of translating the strategy into a narrative addressed to the audience, 4 areas emerged. Each of them describes an area important for TDJ Estate’s operations and behind each of them there are specific brand commitments – constituting a roadmap for business development.

  • Inscribed into the environment
  • Connected with people and space
  • Quality focused
  • People First Design

The consistency of all materials was also planned on the level of minimalist graphic designs and natural, warm, human tone of the photos. By capturing the natural and the unforced spontaneity of people who experience space and architecture in the photos, we make it live the way it was designed for.

The website is the communication tool that builds brand credibility. We have designed and implemented a website that tells a coherent brand story – on both the visual and the narrative levels.


Milk Buns

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