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Virtual Waffle Configurator for Dan Cake

Consumer engagement in digital channels in the face of shifting consumer behavior during the pandemic.


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Whipped cream, chocolate glaze, and some fresh fruit? These are just a few of the thousands of waffle recipes available as part of the Pysznie się Składa (Well Put Together) activation.

The activation concept

We wanted to present the product in its most delicious version. That is why we have engaged consumers in tinkering with Dan Cake Waffles to create their own, tasty and inspiring dessert compositions.

Online configurator

We designed the world’s first virtual waffle configurator, used to submit over 1000 unique versions of the promoted waffles with a selection of ingredients.

To present Dan Cake Waffles as an exceptionally appetizing and natural-looking dessert, we based the activation on unique photos taken during the food photo session.

When creating a waffle, users started by selecting a tasty base, adding fruit of their choice, and decorating it with an appetizing garnish. At the end of the configuration process, the participants were invited to a unique competition with valuable prizes.


Consumers could enter the competition after finishing their composition. The task was to create a creative advertising slogan for their tasty dessert. The winner received an annual supply of Dan Cake Waffles, as well as a cash prize of 5,000 zloty!

The activation was supported by consistent social media communication and a film made by Jerzy Dytkiewicz, one of the best tabletop directors in the world.

The activation results exceeded our expectations! As part of the competition, users sent as many as 14,000 applications, spending a total of over 2,500 hours on the configurator.

Campaign summary

The activation proved that digital communication can not only increase a product’s appeal, but also its sales, even in an unprecedented period as the pandemic.


average time on page

4 million

users within the activation range


SKU sales increase compared to 2019


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