Waunt by Oriflame


Colliers Define

The identification and website design for the new Colliers Define service platform.




Real Estate


Identification, Website

Our task was to design the identity and website for the Colliers Define platform offering integrated services for consulting, designing and delivering commercial spaces.

The visual identity of the brand has been based on the evolution of the symbol (letter D), which illustrates the end-to-end process. From defining the needs, through the design stage to the delivery of the final effect.

The letter D as a symbol has also become a key visual, carrying the message on to the promotional or transient materials.

The primary purpose of the website is to guide the user through the complete process as a service provided by Colliers Define. That is why it has been divided into three main sections: Define, Design and Deliver, with each of them representing the next stage of cooperation.

The leitmotif of each subpage is the D symbol, which evolves depending on the moment in the story of the service. It is located in the center of the screen, the messages in subsequent sections are built around it. At the beginning, when the needs are being defined, it acts as a frame in which those are inscribed.

Next is the design stage. This is where you can see the symbol as the predefined shape that symbolizes the process of designing commercial space.

The final stage is delivery. It is here that the symbol evolves into an isometric, three-dimensional shape that shows how needs and design take physical shape and are implemented.

The second part of the page was created to enable quick search for information about the company, its offers and portfolio.

We used a modular approach in designing this part. This enables the customer to constantly develop the content on the website in a flexible way using a simple CMS system.


Waunt by Oriflame

A series of events along with an artistic installation design introducing the brand to the market.

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