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Milk Buns

Birthday digital campaign for Dan Cake’s Milk Buns


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Dan Cake’s Milk Buns have been available in Poland for 15 years, having become a regular choice, mostly as an easy and convenient travel snack. However, we wanted to change the habits of customers and present to them a completely different serving proposal, thus broadening Dan Cake’s reach. For this purpose, we created a TV spot supported with a multichannel digital campaign, to encourage consumers to have Milk Buns for breakfast, in multiple tasty variations.

2020 was a breakthrough year not only for us, but also for Milk Buns. On their 15th anniversary, their recipe was revamped, and milk content was increased by 31%. To communicate this change in a simple and catchy way, we invited Andrzej Mleczko, a renowned cartoonist, to join the celebration and create a funny series of works.

For the purposes of activation we launched an online competition on a dedicated website, in which the task was to fill in Andrzej Mleczko’s drawing with text referring to the milkiness of the promoted product. Users could look for clues on the page, learning more about the features of Milk Buns along with the rest of the product portfolio.



Thanks to the website, we could inspire users to create their own dishes based on Milk Buns, using unique recipes proposed by influencers.


Activation summary

The results achieved showed that our campaign results… flowed with milk and honey!





unique users

4 million

social media views


Virtual Waffle Configurator for Dan Cake

An online waffle configurator for Dan Cake.

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